Building an Audio Cart for school. Need help picking parts!

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I am a senior in high-school, and am attempting to build a new audio cart for our school. I have a budget of 600-800 dollars overall. I know this pretty low to get anything great, but this is why I'm looking for help! The system needs :
- 2 high quality handheld wireless mics(Looking at AKG WMS 40 Mini2 Vocal Wireless Microphone Set)
- A mixer that can handle an input from a computer or phone + the Mic receiver input(s).(looking at Pyle PMX7BU)
- Speaker(s) that get loud enough for around 700 people
- Any cords, Amps, or other random stuff that I would need

I am new to building custom audio solutions, because my school currently uses an AIO Anchor system. This isn't working anymore due to issues with the wireless mics(feedback and interference). I am hoping somebody can recommend a good set of products that is compact enough to be used on a handcart, and quality enough to reliably deliver the wireless mic, and music playing needs I have. Thanks for the help as I am a little lost on the path to making a good PA system for my school.
Just a suggestion: contact a sound professional in your area and pay them to help you.

There are professional sound companies that rent and/or install sound systems from the simple to the amazing. There are local companies, often listed under "communication" that install things like intercoms and restaurant sound systems, and they would be knowledgable. Any reasonably well stocked music store probably has a PA system department.

Sweetwater is a great company in Indiana, they sell worldwide and are known for their customer service. You might contact them and ask what they would recommend for you. You'd not be obligated to buy from them, but they would suggest a reasonable solution at your budget. On the Sweetwater web site as well as in their print catalog, each section of products (microphones, speakers, cable, whatever) has a brief tutorial and often a selector guide that compares products in the group. SO a large selection of wireless mics to be researched there, for example.

There are two broad areas of "PA systems". There are the PA systems that rock bands sing through, and then there are PA systems such as public schools use. You seem to need the latter, as you want phone connections. ANy PA system will have microphone inputs. Most wireless systems also put out a line level signal.

Wireless, you specify handheld mics - which of course also can be used on a stand - but do you anticipate ever needing any lapel mics? A lecturer might want to walk back and forth in front of a blackboard and not have a hand tied up with a mic. Most wireless makers use specific channels, and you can buy a handheld and a belt-pack/lapel mic for the same receiver. Worth thinking about.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.