Building an Analog to Digital Converter Unit...


2013-05-18 7:37 am
Hi all,

I'm considering building a small analog-to-digital converter unit for use in my home studio.

At first glance this seemed to not be worth it (unlikely to accomplish sufficient quality compared to commercial units), but many are saying that the PCM4222evm makes this quite possible and all that is really needed is a reliable power source to get started.

Any thoughts on this?


2003-02-17 7:38 pm
its really unlikely you can compete with say ESI Juli@, or even more expensive Lynx Studio products with a homebrew one off - work for minimum wage and buy them to save time

if you want to push beyond the available audio products you may get some leverage with medical imaging/ultrasound ADC that have pulled ahead of audio specific chips in the past few years
but a useable product, debugged, verified performance, with proper interface, drivers is really order of man-year with few engineers having all the skills at once