Building a simple hours counter for tube amplifier?

Does anyone know of on off the shelf digital hours counter or a kit to build one that can be used to count hours of operation (for an ARC REF75SE amp)? Something that easily and automatically has a running tally of hours that the amp was turned on ? Something must exist or it looks like there are several inexpensive digital counters used for lawn tractors and similar that should be able to work for this purpose?
You can use a Runleader RL-HM010 resettable LCD Hour Meter.
It comes in 2 versions, DC 4.5-90V or AC 86-230V.

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Very easy to do and cheap- I bought one of the lawnmower hours counters suggested above on Amazon for $16, I bought a plastic housing box for it for about $5. I cut out the box to fit the timer. I took a 3.5 mm power cord and plugged it into the 12v dc trigger "out" socket on the back of my tube amp. I took the 3.5mm trigger cord from my power amp and plugged it into the trigger "on" socket on the tube amp. Now when I turn on the pre amp, it turns on the power amp- and- the power amp 12 v trigger "Out" socket passes thru the 12 v signal to the timer and the timer turns on, counting hours of use. Super cheap and effective !
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