Building 2 new subs.Rythmik Auido

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I plan on building 2 new subs using Rythmic Audio 15 inch servo. I will make 1 first and evaluate , then if I like Ill continue with the second. I already have the boxes built out of 1 inch MDF , veneered with Zebra wood and Edge banded with Goncalo Alves . The other may be a textured black version !

Any Input on these !
I built a 12" sealed sub in a 2 cuft cabinet. Pretty much followed the plans on Rythmik site but changed it to more of a cube and front firing.

Sounds GREAT! Big improvement over an old M&K I have. For music it's much more controlled. For movies it goes down deep.

Just some random advice:

- download amp directions from Rythmik site - no directions are included in the shipping box. Don't worry about amp rattling - I was impressed with the build quality.

- I used foam gasket material from Parts Express - the foam gasket included was pretty flimsy. I did like the looks of the rubber gasket so left that on but still used foam gasket material to be sure that it was airtight. This is great stuff:

- I used the largest rubber feet I could find:
Or use hockey pucks.

-Get some of those round slick furniture sliders to stick onto rubber feet at least temporarily while you move the sub around the room for best position. Your sub will be HEAVY.

- Spend a lot of time measuring and centering the holes you drill for the speaker mount. I spent too much time fiddling with this because I didn't drill exactly in the hole center. I used these hurricane nuts with allen bolts:

Please report on the 15" ( I assume you bought the new ones) I am ready to buy a 2nd subwoofer from Rythmik.

- BobT
First time poster to this forum. I certainly appreciate your replies. I'm interested in replacing my M&K MX-70B (dual 8" drivers with 125w amp and my only reference point) with a DIY sub for two reasons. I have some woodworking skills and my M&K is a "lovely" white in a room filled with cherry furniture I've built. It sure would be nice to build a sub with cherry veneer that might look like an end table. The other reason is the M&K seems to get pushed pretty hard with some movie LFE and it sometimes sounds like it is flapping in the breeze. My room is about 2600 cubic feet. My use is really close to 50/50 music and HT.

I have been looking at Rythmik kits (and its variety of other spellings) and they look promising. I have read as many posts as I can on a number of forums and this one has the greatest number of references to Rythmik.

So my question: For those that are familiar with M&K subs (hopefully the 70B) would a 12" standard Rythmik 2.0 cubic foot sealed sub be an improvement over my current setup?

Thanks for the help!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.