2006-11-16 8:40 pm
I have got 5pcs ICEpower to AV power amp

need advise which layout is best or any best than


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In general I would prefer independent power supplies for each channel resp. for each module. So you can better handling the GND management.
For your application this means an outdoor power supply.
Additional I would use for each module an own screened (e. g. aluminium) enclosure to avoid inteferences between the mudules in the kind of this one:
1590B | 1590 Aluminium Enclosure, IP54, 111.5 x 59.5 x 27mm | Hammond

Check out post #2 under
Maybe your modules are similar and the schematic is helpful for you.

Now an off-topic question.
I want to know the for me unknown manufacturer from your country of follow class-D modules:
"DS-15" and "DS-300" - check out the URL
Maybe you can ask or find any informations on threads from your country like
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Thank you very much for your efforts.
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