Buiding my own multi-room amp


2008-04-01 8:08 pm
Hi all,

I have been looking for a decent multi-room amplifier for a while but haven’t found anyone that meets my requirements (mainly low cost:D). I have read fine reviews of the Sonic T-amp and when I also saw that they are making a PC-version (a version that fits in a PC and is fed through a standard computer psu) of this amplifier I thought that this might be an easy solution for building my own low-cost "high-quality" multi-room amplifier.

My plan is to take 4 Sonic T-amp TIO boards connect them to a computer PSU and put everything in a custom case. I might add a relay board with a serial interface which would allow me to turn on/off each amplifier-board (for example in case I don’t want to play any music in the outdoor area) through my computer.

This will (I hope) give me a 4 zone amplifier that is controllable by a computer (just on/on for different zones) and will be able to put some good music through my ceiling speakers.

I just want to make a reality check with you guys before I go ahead and buy the stuff. Do you think it’s a good idea? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Sound quality? Your comments are very much appreciated!