Buffalo IIIse dac help needed

Hi all, I bought a readybuild Buffalo IIIse dac and just don´t get any sound out of it. It consist of:

(1) Buffalo-IIIsePro32 (ES9038) 2-Channel DAC Module
(1) AVCC-SR Dual 3.6V Series Regulator Module
(2) TridentSR 3.3V Series Regulator Module
(1) TridentSR 1.3V Series Regulator Module
[1] Mercury v1.1 Kit plus [1] Placid HD BP Power Supply Kit
[1]4:1 Mux/Demux Digital Switch Kit
[1] 4-Position Selector Switch Kit that Connects to the 4:1 Mux/Demux
[3] Transformers

[1] Raspberry Pi Model 3 [1]Touch Screen

I have tried both the SPDIF and Raspberry Pi whithout luck. One LCDPS Powers the RPi + touchscreen an one Powers the dac. The LCDPS have a hard time in driving the touchscreen, I have to use a separate Power for that. It makes me suspect a voltagedrop in powering the dac.

I would very much appreciate some guidance in troubleshooting.

I suspect they are more active in here, in the their dedicated forum : TP DiyAudio forum

BTW Raspberry draws much power and it could be that LCDPS simply can't handle it. IIRC it's a LM317 based reg so 1.5A limit apply here. Raspberry (especially 3 and above) can certainly draw more. That's why they came up with Centaur, which is more powerful.
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