Budget HT with Entry Level Active XO(s)

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Budget HT with Entry Level Active XO(s) LCR

This is something that I should have done years ago and didn't take long to do actually. Many of us have a collection of power amps; these have been wrapped in bubble wrap for the past several years.
The xo's are by Rolls, SX21 & SX45 (12db).
The speakers are MTM's with SB29 tweeters.

[woofer: dust cap removed and wood phase-plug added]

I couldn't find much info on the SB 29, the most important question is how low will they go? Not that I can hear anything and they seem to work and measure nicely with the SF's.
This combination is a step up the ladder from any other I've tried.

One other question about the inherent peak at 4.5K is there a simple trap? Or just don't worry about it?



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Add some passive line level BSC to the bassmid amplifier.

That will also allow a passive line level trap for the 4.5KHz.

rgds, sreten.

Sreten is right if you add no more electronics, but you could keep your changes in active electronics land if you...

  • Add EQ before the crossovers such as from your receivers "room correction" or miniDSP
  • Add a miniDSP and replace the crossovers. The advantage of the latter is the ability to time align the tweeters and woofers, in addition to doing EQ and crossover duties

Sreten, Eric,
Looks like the best option (for me anyway) is the miniDSP. I'll make sure to start with 24db slope setting for the MTM's.
I'm ordering an extra pair of the SB29's also, since there's been a price drop.
Thanks for the recommendations!!

Did anyone have any thoughts on the SB29 ring tweeter, as far as a xo point?
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Glad you found that helpful!

Two tips!

1 - Don't try to do 4th order unless you really have to. Even in DSP land it can be a pain.
2 - The plugin definitions are a little hard to read. For some plugins they make a normal and "Advanced" version. Take a look at the block diagram in the PDF to understand the difference. One allows for cross-channel summing, the other does not. It's only $10 each, so no big deal. :)


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