Budget Headphone System & a question


2003-12-26 11:20 pm
Just received a pair of HD650's which are simply breathtaking. I'm not even using an amp - just my iMac headphone out. SOOOO MUUUUUCCCHHHH DEEEETAAAAIIIILLLLLLLL

Have a Playstation 1 on the way (the one with RCA outputs) that has a huge modding thread http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-source/31123-playstation-cd-player.html

Probably this DAC High Grade 24bit/192khz DAC with fully assembled kits - eBay (item 120551270004 end time Dec-27-10 01:48:28 PST) as again its got a good following http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/164299-new-small-diy-gigawork-dac.html . It will look after my Imac's 1.5Tb of lossless music

A Sony PS-4300 direct drive, quartz locked TT that will be getting a home brew carbon fibre arm like Nanook's but carbon tubing http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/analogue-source/173861-my-latest-iteration-nanooks-219-tonearm.html

All in a smidge over £340! that made my wife very happy :D

Here is the question though - does anyone know if I can use the Trends Audio T10.1 amp that I have to drive the HD650's?
Yes, you can. I'll have to find the bookmark, but you just need to make a simple resistor network to provide the amp the correct load and protect the headphones from being over powered. A simple, clean way to do it is to use protoboard and a small project box to hold a panel mount 1/4" TRS jack and speaker binding posts, or just come straight out of the box with a short run of Mogami or Canare Star Quad as the wire to the amp.