Broken Tektronix tds220


2014-02-16 5:04 pm
Hi people :D

i found this scope broken in the workshop . Has anyone idea what´s going on?

See attachment for details .



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Might be a dead display, dead cpu or it is suffering from the dreaded leaky capacitors that this series was plagued with. Most of the models of this era had caps which leaked and would eat the traces and other components near them. It is usually recommended to recap before even powering on. The TDS7xx series is REALLY REALLY bad about this. If you are lucky you can get it working with a recap and clean up/repair the damaged traces and parts. If you are unlucky the main processor and/or ADC are dead.
thank you man , its fixed now . Some cylindrical iron mesh had rolled under the adc pcb

A convenient fix and one I have NEVER heard happening before in that model. Lucky you!

I would still plan to do a preventative recap on the electros in that scope. If they aren't bad now they will be very soon. Most have already started leaking (even if they don't show symptoms) and the earlier you catch it the easier it is to repair the damage.