Bridging channels in car amplifiers

And the way this is done is the input on one channel is inverted, so it is 180 degrees out of phase with the other channel. You then take the output from between the two channel's + output terminals, output ground is not used. You get twice the signal voltage this way, so 2 bridged channels delivers twice the power into twice the impedance as 1 channel, and almost 4 times the power into the same impedance (if the amps can handle it). Many or most car amps are already set up to run in bridge mode (the channels are already out of phase, I guess) just by connecting the speaker between the terminals labeled as such. (- doesn't always mean signal ground on those things.)
How Do i Bridge subs

i want to bridge 2 subs on a 2 channel amp how much watts would come out of each subs if it was a 1200 watt amp. it is a sony 1200 watt amp, and i have 2 12" pineer subs, that are 660.



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