bridged amplifiers

OK, here's one for the books... or my mind, anyway.

I have been listening with delight to a car stereo power amp. I have slightly modified it for better performance. I replaced the cheap op-amps for bifet op-amps, and run thicker wire from the B+ and B- to their respective places, and high quality speaker wire from the junctions of the output transistor resistors to the speaker terminals. The sound is nothing less than incredible. I am a tube amp enthusiast, but also have and made some solid state. But I have never really listened to a bridged amp before. This thing bridged sounds almost like a tube amp. Warm mids, clear unfrilly or unsibilancey highs, and good well defined bass.

I inadvertently left one chanel not quite properly heat sinked, so I think I blew open one of the transistors. But I can still use one channel as two separate ones.

Doesn't sound quite as good!

My question:

Since push pull cancels even order harmonic distortions, does bridging cancel out odd order harmonic distortions?

The sound is quite good!