Just for information, taken from german Visaton forum:

"Dear VISATON fans,

right in time for a christmas present the first edition of Boxsim in english language has been finished. In a sense it is a first shot since my english is good enough for frequent use but far away from a native speaker.
If you are more familiar with english language, please feel free to suggest other translations than choosen in this version. The program will be frequently updated until march 2011. During this period some new funtionality will be added and the english texts should be optimized.
The next final version is planned in march and will be publicated in a german and an english version in parallel.
To download the english version, click here:
The link only contains the exe file. It must be copied into the directory of a full german version."

Merry Xmas
I usually present information based on Boxsim simulations, to questions made by some diyAudio members. The english version is going to make this type of work easier. The software works great with the frd-zma data from measured loudspeakers, making it a very scientific and accurate tool (for the design process), before only available in german.
Any comments on its functionality and ease of use compared to Unibox or winISD?
BoxSim appears to be a very complex tool, capable of model complete multiway loudspeaker systems, import and deal with real measured data, model xover network on a free matrix and a lot of extras. Not just a bass box calculator There are other software packs that can do that, but no one is free..
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acquiring the taste..

Some interesting things can be done using the free matrix filter editor.
For example this high slope two way xover (a la Jason Quadra) for a couple of cheap Visaton drivers


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