box design question

I was wondering if I extended the height of my box (Ported) by about 10 inches and sealed it where the box should end and filled the bottom with sand if it would affect the sound? Would it make the speaker more stable as the center of gravity is as low as it could go as I have little ones crawling about?


2002-01-19 9:25 am
Hi Hunter,

I'm assuming you made the boxes yourself so you have the skills to meet all your esthetic requirements (and SAF). I'm also assuming that the extension with the sand would be a separate sealed section, isolated from the drivers. You wouldn't want to expose the drivers to the sand in case your little ones found a way to tip the speaker over. You also wouldn't want to change the box volume too much if its tuned correctly now. All this being true, then there would be no reason why you couldn't add the extension you've described. It should lower the CG and give you the results your looking for.

Have fun,
Rodd Yamashita

Ron E

2002-06-27 10:41 pm
The lower the center of gravity, the more stable. The criteria for not tipping is that the C.G stay inside the place where the speaker contacts the ground (viewed from above) as the enclosure is tipped.

If it does fall over, it wil be heavier since you added sand. Worth doing a calculation to see what the crushing force of the top of the cabinet is (a static calc will do) with and without the sand.