box/crossover for Peerless 8" (831709)

I am amazed at all the different recomendations I have gotten from different box calculators for box volume for this 8" woofer. Box plot 1.53 cu.ft, AJ Sealed Enclosures 1.42 cu.ft, Speaker Pro 1.71 cu.ft, WinIsd 1.457 cu.ft, Unibox 1.56 cu.ft, and lastly Parts Express used their software and came up with .967 cu.ft
Parts Express also used their x over Pro software to get me a crossover for this 2-way system also using a Peerless 811815 tweeter. No other crossover software I have used even comes close to what parts express sent me, including L-pad and EQ . Take a look at the pdf attachment for the details. Can anyone tell me what is right before I actually start cutting the wood and assemblying the crossovers.
Thanks for your help!
If pdf doesn't display:
Tweeter : C1 = 6.8uF polypropylene
L1 = .8mH air core
4dB L-Pad = series R 2 ohms, parallel R 9.1 ohms
Tweeter polarity reversed

Woofer : L2 = .9mH air core
C2 = 9.1uF
EQ = Parallel R 5 ohms, 47uF capacitor


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The most important thing here is to work out the biggest box the wife will let you have :D

Assuming you're going sealed, anything between 1.5 and 2.5 cubic foot should work; whats best depends on your room and tastes.
It makes sense to build a box on the large side, and then reduce with baffle/sand/bricks etc. Listen and measure as you go until you find what suits.

As for the xover; the values look ballpark, so keep them external and try them. It'll be a reference point if nothing else.

I used an 831709 in a bandpass sub - twas flat from 22-60hz. Not bad for a littl'un.

You can get an f3 around 20hz in a 4-5 cuft vented box, but I'd think the bass would be a bit looooooooossseee;)