Box Calculation SW with Dimensions

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I'm searching the web for Box Calculation SW that meets my specific needs. Needless to say there's a bunch of stuff out there and I'd like to narrow down my options, so I would really appreciate it if you could share your experience.

My requirements are somewhat different from your average DIY-fanatic. I now use WinISD for the simulation and then design the box (physical dimensions) either by hand or with an excel spreadsheet. I would really like to combine Simulation Software AND the physical design (dimensions, parts list, cut angles etc.), because I do a lot of these calculations and I would really like to optimze the workflow in order to reduce the time spent on each design.

So far I've found BassBox pro, but since it is not freeware and there isn't a trial version, I wanted to ask the DIY community. In all honesty, getting accurate results down to 0.1 dB or less is not required, since we are using TSP's supplied by the manufacturer anyway. I'd much rather use SW that gets reliable results fast and easy.

Not required:
Baffle step sim
Crossover design
Loading of acoustic measurements
Etc. :)

Required (must have):
Easy and fast to use box simulation software for (at least) closed and ported designs
Possibility to choose a box shape and calculate (external) dimensions based on the outcome of the simulation (nett volume, port size, etc.)

Optional features
(appreciated but not a must)
Support for TL and Bandpass enclosures
Able to simulate effect of box damping/filling
Possibility to account for port flare corrections, multiple ports and port shapes (round/rectangular)

As for the design of the physical box, BassBox pro supports these shapes that I found usefull. Especially the "slanted prism" shape is very common in my case.


Your comments are highly appreciated!
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Try the PSD-Lite software in the link below. There is a box model and a baffle model, and they "communicate" with each other. The baffle module lets you design just about any 3D shape with up to 20 vertices for the front and side views. It automatically calculates the interior volume, subtracting out the thickness of the materials. The baffle module actually started out as a volume calculator, but it kept growing until it also modeled the baffle diffraction. The box model is a .NET implementation of Jeff Bagby's very accurate Woofer Box and Circuit Designer Excel spreadsheet, although the translation to .NET required extensive changes.

The program can still be compiled in .NET, although it was originally designed for .NET 3.5, and as a result there are some things that really need to be updated (the PowerPacks download, for example). Someday all of this code might be "open source" of some variety, but right now I see that as a time-consuming job that is low on the list of things I need to do.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.