BOSOZ Selector/volume control wiring?

I have nearly finished my Balanced Line Stage preamp. All the voltages are within 5-10% (or better mostly) of the values from the article. I have two DacT CT2's (10k) and the CT3 selector. (I am going unbalanced only).

It is not clear that I have wired the volume controls and source selector correctly (no music, just "screeches). I have the signal and grounds from the source inputs soldered as the diagram suggested.

1-Signal output for each channel on CT3 to input on CT2?
2-Ground outputs CT3 to where? (chassis ground? ground tab on CT2?)
3-Output CT2 to input main board, yes?
4-If I connect to + input on the board do I then use the +output ?
5-The unused inputs and outputs on the board, do they go to ground? can I ignore them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.