Bosoz pot, linear or log?

I have constructed the Bosoz preamplifier for some time now but I am wondering if I made a mistake on the pot selected. I have selected a quad pot that is linear. Is this correct or should I have selected a logarithmic one?
I have read the original artical but this is not explained. From the data sheet of the original part suggested by Mr. Pass a linear pot was selected but on the net log is the choice for audio. Am I understanding something wrong?
I have started to look into this because I feel that the preamp does not have enough gain to run my final amp as needed.

Thank you
George Christofilopoulos


2007-06-28 5:43 pm
The original parts from the article are all linear types (for input, output and gain).
But it is better to use logarithmic ones as for the reason Babowana has mentioned also for P5.
For the gain I use an 11 position switch to switch in discret resistor values to get 2dB steps from 0dB to 20dB.

Sorry to jump in so late.

I used the stock linear pot on the output. What I found was that, for an amp with high gain ( ie A75), it was very difficult to adjust at low listening levels. The tiniest increment of rotation would make the output louder than desired.

A stepped attenuator works great, as noisefree mentioned.

I am having very nice results with double ( stereo )slide log pots .
They are way better than the rotatives , and if you buy lets say... 5 of them , you may have the chance to find one that has very good match of resistance between channels . They offer good precision between channels at low levels and very good control .

They are cheap , they endure and are easy to implement .