BOSE shutting down retail stores and lays off

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I wonder who actually buys BOSE products. Many many years ago, not knowing any better, I had one of these Acousticmass products of theirs, made massive bass but mushy mid's and no highs. I was glad I managed to unload this junk on ebay. If one thought RadioShack stuff was bad, well BOSE too it to a whole new level.
I have owned a few of their products and am not particularly either a strong fan or detractor. Their 2019 gross revenue was $3.9 billion so I think they are at least several times the size of the entire "audiophile" market combined. I suspect their big revenue items these days are NC headphones on the consumer side and automotive audio systems on the OEM side. I think ditching the "retail" outlets was a no brainer and guess that way more than half of their consumer sales are on amazon.
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No need to keep the panels completely free from snow in winter, unless for structural reasons. At this latitude, between november and february, they produce only 1/6 of the peak output anyway, even when they are free from snow. As example, december output is 2% of the total annual production, while july is 15%. I know that because I have access to the monitoring system of a 2.4 Mw solar array at the same latitude, installed in 2012. The snow does lower the power output while it sits on the panels but it does not reduce it to zero. The slope and surface texture of the panels is designed to let the snow fall off easily, so they are blocked only for a short time after the snowfall.
I got one of their SoundLink Bluetooth thingies a few years back with my frequent flyer points.

It is fairly loud, has good battery life and serves it's purpose. I wouldn't buy their 'hifi' or headphone products as they don't sound good (to me) for the price. But this little Bluetooth does exactly what I need.

Shame for the shop floor workers who will have to find alternative employment though.
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Haven't and won't ever buy a Bose product.
An architect I knew thought those matchbox size speakers & bass unit were wonderful. I thought they sounded awful.

I couldn't agree with you more.
To me, those systems were all about bass and treble, designed for the "non hifi" crowd with little to no taste in accurate sound.
Consumerism, along with "easy installation" is in part some of the reasons for this kind of product.
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