Boominator Mini status 2016, and other options for smaller boombox.

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Boominator Mini status 2016, and other options for smaller boombox.

I would like to build a boombox for outdoor use this summer. I have great admiration for Saturnus’ Boominator, but I cannot accommodate the size, and do not have the need for such high volumes. I like the back to back driver placement principal, which provides 360 degree sound, and deals with BSC isssues.

I have read through a lot of the Boominator MINI (development thread) over at forum.speakerplans, and have since forgotten much of it. Apologies.

What is the current recommendation for drivers and crossovers?

I suspect that this thread would be a very useful resource for this forum, as I have seen many members seeking help in this area.

I am much more interested in selecting the optimum drivers, and matching them with recommended enclosure volumes, and crossovers. I am not so interested in amplifier/battery/solar charging discussions, as these elements are mostly down to personal preference and operational requirements.

Boominator mini suggested drivers:
Aura NS6 No longer available
Aura NS525 Available
Dayton ND140 Available
Monacor SP60 Component quality decline? Reported poor response 1000-3000hz? This is used in the Accusafe V2 kit, so parts are readily and simply available (in Europe).

I would be grateful if someone more in tune with the Boominator MINI development could summarise the above driver choices, and update us all.

Other options:
Faital Pro 4FE32 No crossover required. Comments please.
Other suggestions for 2 way, or fullrange.
Interested too


totally interested in that as well. Halfinator is still less manageable than a mini or micro in opinion. Saturnus said something about a new design of his in the speakerplans thread, but that's been quite a while ...

I'd order parts for a micro right away if I had any clue which ones are a good choice atm.


I think that I am set on 4x Faital Pro 4FE32 in stereo back-to-back boominator style. Either ported or with Passive Radiators.

I will start a separate thread if I go ahead. I would like some help developing the series capacitor trick that acts as a high pass, whilst boosting the bass to make it "seem" like there is more.
Hi, I'm very interested in the outcome of this as well. I sort of lost interest after Saturnus had said he wasn't going to make the updated design public- nothing against him for it obviously, but I was super keen on making a Boominator mini and I'm still not sure what dimensions/drivers are best to use. Like you said, everything else is pretty much up to personal opinion, but I want to know dimensions and drivers. Be great if anybody had some input here? Thanks!
how "mini" are you looking at? any info about your goal would help - size, portable, 2,3 way etc - from what i understand with the actual info, if you want to use passive radiators, a sealed box will render a good bass and you can still use tweeters - you could use them across instead of 4 drivers then you would use 2 and 2 radiators. If you still want to use 4 bass drivers then make the push on the side (just make sure you pick the right one - at least 1" above your driver diameter in this case and more if you can). No tweeters will sound bad no? the faitals you refer dont go under 90 - now that radiator should compensate but a 2 way would allow you to take a proper woofer/mid and a mid/tweeter for a more balanced sound.
Look at eminence, Vifa, and AB acoustics for good quality drivers, dayton audio if you are on the budget (even though they are fantastic i mostly use these since they are also sturdy) and HiVi (make sure you look well the specs - they are dirt cheap but there are some gems for tweeters and some woofers)
Very late to this party, but has anyone considered a micro with 3 or 4inch drivers? I've been experimenting with the TEBM65'S on a few projects as they are cheap and pretty good for what they are and in the right box with the right input they can handle late 50's in the Hz.

Just thinking it would be cool to make something very small that makes people go "Huh, that's coming from them??"
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