Bookshelf Speakers need to replace tweeters and mid bass units Help

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Hi, sorry if this is long and rambling. I have a pair of Royd Audio Sintra I speakers that were connected to an Exposure XX integrated amp. The tweeter does not work at all on one speaker. I took it into the local repair shop. He looked at the Mid/Bass unit too and said the insulation had gotten too hot, melted and was now rubbing when the cone moves. He didn't recommend repairing them.

I would like to fix them if it is worth the time and money. These speakers have a mid bass unit that was made in house and is attached to a long rubber port that goes to the back of the speaker. So naturally is it not a simple swap out with the exact same part process. The guy at the shop said spend your money on another set of speakers. He didn't sell speakers or try to make any money off me so I'm halfway inclined to believe him. Do you guys think I should repair these now for my main HiFi speakers or buy another pair and keep these to repair and use somewhere else in the house later ?

If you think they are worth repairing for main speakers, is this something a first time diyaudio person should mess with or should I source the parts and have a shop install them ?

Also, if they are worth repairing can you recommend any mid/bass units ? Would it help if I posted picks of the mid/bass unit in there now ? I don't know if this is how all the ported speakers are designed. The mid/bass unit attaches to the long heavy rubber port with a rubber sleeve that fits over both. So I'm thinking one thing I might want to pay attention to is making sure the diameter of the mid/bass is the same as the original. Also, is this one of those things that since they used in house made mid bass units I'm not going to get them to sound close to what they used to ?

I found the tweeters are ScanSpeak D2010s, with Ferro Fluid I believe. The guy at the shop said if you do repair them don't bother replacing them with ScanSpeak, just get Peerless. You think it is worth the price difference to go with ScanSpeak ?

Thank You
Without knowing what the XO's were designed for and since the woofer was an in-house custom job, I say you are better off buying a new DIY kit like this one. Coincidentally, it uses a very nice Peerless tweeter and Peerless midbass. This speaker beat many others in a blind listening test. For $170 (a pair - that's 2 mid bass, 2 tweeters, XO and all parts/pieces needed sans cabinet), it is a total deal. I have the lower priced version without the Peerless tweeter and it sounds very nice. With the upgraded tweeter and XO, should be excellent. The quality of the parts is top notch. You just need to provide a 0.5 cu ft cabinet with cutouts.

X-LS Encore kit

Repairing your existing speaker will probably cost more and is a gamble given that the drivers were custom.
If you bought a flat pack 0.5 cu ft box say, a Denovo from Parts Express, then just glue, and sandpaper, and clamps are helpful. Or a pre made finished box where you just cut the baffle then nothing but jigsaw and drill.

For the speaker parts: soldering iron, screw driver, jig saw, drill, wire cutter/stripper, etc. the GRS kit comes with everything including wiring, solder, binding posts, port tube, and all screws.

If you made a box from scratch - raw plywood panels then it's a lot more involved.

Here is a 0.5 cu ft box pre finished on sale for $120. It's a good deal for a curved wall box. I might get it myself as I have found the drudgery of cutting wood.

In black is a little more:
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