Book on ampbuilding (aleph) for background

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I just build a headphone amp as a start for building active audiocomponents. Before I proceed to the next step, one of the aleph series (2 or 4), I'd like to have a little bit of background info.
Since my knowlegde on electronics stucks at the level of knowing how a resistor works but not how it works in relation to other components I'm a absolute beginner.

What book on solid state ampbuilding you would recommend???

If this questions has already been beaten to death I'm sorry and direct me to the right topic

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aleph amps
aleph preamps
schematics amps
speakers info
speaker designs
parts list from companys
parts info
power supplies
Heat sinks ( thanks to coloumb)
And lots more..

and all protected with page protectors..


Building SS amp book:
High-Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual (Randy Slone),
ISBN: 0071341196
See this on that book:

Basic Circuit Analysis:
Electric Circuit Analysis (David E. Johnson),
ISBN: 0471375128

Analog Circuit:
Microelectronic Circuits (Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. Smith)
ISBN: 0195116631
See this on that book:

Randy Slone's book is very good for DIYers, but the content of the book is mostly (all) 3 stage gain amp, and based heavily on the employment of negative feedback. But it's a good start.

One is left contemplating the best topology .... single-ended, balanced-single-ended or push-pull?

Fewer gain stages goes out-the-window ...

The X-series might migrate to the XXXX-series ...

The input long-tailed pair would obviously have to be identical twins ......

Too much negative feedback may remain adverse to performance ......

And ..... yes ..... at last, size really might matter .....:rolleyes:

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