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For Sale Blowtorch gain stage and PCBs

Things you have for sale.
For sale or trade


I have for sale my blowtorch assembled clone.
It uses matched toshiba vgrade jfets, matched hitachi mosfets and matched toshiba mosfets.
The toshiba mosfets are used as output buffers.
The gain stage pcbs are 4 layers with the left and right channels mirrored.
I have some additional pcbs that can be used to buffer also the input.
The pcbs were designed to be used in the UGS Muses preamp.

The price for the finished pcbs sold
The price for a set of 4pcbs(2 gain stages, 2 dc servos) is 40€

I can trade the finished modules for 2 pairs of matched SJEP120R100 or 2 pairs of matched 2sk182es or thf51s


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The concept is taken from here, I added input and output buffers.
The buffer on the input is using jfets and is on a daughter board that can be easily removed and bypassed.
The output buffer is using whammys.
The dc servo is different.
No global feedback is implied.
Most of the resistors are 0603/1206 thin film smd, few of them are 1w melf(forgot the dimensions) and a few caddocks mp915 iirc.

The gain stages are easily configurable for a gain of 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x

The buyers(of pcbs or gain stages) will get the complete schematics and a complete bom by pm.


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