Blown tweeter - what to replace?


2009-10-02 2:21 am
OK, I'm an idiot and "blew" my tweeters on my Hales Transcendence 5 speakers. I was connecting the interconnect to the amp (from the preamp) without turning off the amp first.

Pics attached.

I like to consider myself an audiophile, but I'm weak on the DIY aspect and some technical stuff.

So what do I replace here? The magnet that I'm holding in my hand? The voice coil/dustcap piece that's still wired to the crossover? Both?

Thanks for your help!



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You may be able to find an original Hales replacement. If not, you can replace it with this Scan-Speak replacement diaphragm assembly:

The Madisound Speaker Store

It is not an exact replacement, as it is a textile rather than a metal dome. It is also very slightly more sensitive than the original, but the larger difference will be in timbre. If you do have to go with the fabric replacement, replace both so that they will match.
I have never heard them myself and don't recall any discussion about the difference. I do remember running across the subject on Audiogon, you might search around there a bit.

Unfortunately, because of the way domes are glued to voice coil assemblies during manufacture, there is no practical way to repair a damaged diaphragm assembly. Very few can even be repaired the way yours can, so in that way you are more fortunate than many.

Thanks KJ! Any idea how the scan-speak replacement sounds differently?

They don't make the Hales tweeter anymore, a Vifa D26AG 38-04.

Also, can the blown ones be repaired?
Also, can the blown ones be repaired?

He just told you how to repair them. The link shows a diaphram/voice coil replacement only. You will reuse your magnet assembly.

It says right in the link:

Try it on older Hales Transcendence Speakers. Original is metal dome and this is textile. It is on the same voice coil chassis