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For Sale Bliesma, Scanspeak, Dayton

Things you have for sale.
(3) Bliesma T25B-6. New in the box. Matched pair $550 $500 shipped, single $250 shipped.SOLD

(1) Scanspeak 2104/7120 3/4" Revelator tweeter. New, only used for measurements. $125

(2) Dayton AMT2-4. New in the box. $110

(2) Dayton ES180TiA. New in the box, one was removed for measurements in a project that did not move forward. Awesome motor and low distortion. $200 SOLD

All prices include shipping. Paypal only. CONUS only.
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Oh man. Really? I'm not a scammer. I realize I'm new here, but I've been buying and selling for years. This is me on diyma


This is me on ebay


Look at my latest feedback. It's for a pair of dayton esoteric woofers.

How else can I prove to you I'm not a scammer? Here's my registered nurse license info.


Please reconsider selling to me. I realize it's easy to say I'm not a scammer, but I really am not a scammer.