Blaupunkt gta 2 special inputs

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I have recently been trying to buy broken car amplifier just to have some fun trying to fix them.

So I was offered a Blaupunkt Gta 2 Special amplifier, seller said it had blown end transistors (actually there was almost nothing wrong with it but I thought I start a thread anyway because there is no information about this amp on this forum, I can at least post a picture of its guts). Got it yesterday, opened it up, checked transistors they were all good. Checked everything, all seemed to be OK, powered it up, green power LED turned on. Tried to get it to produce audio, at first I had no luck, I checked the input ports, seems that they are broken. Got audio only if I soldered wires to the contacts of RCA jacks inside the amplifier. So I need to replace RCA jack, local store has no RCA jack that looks like the one I need, is it some Blaupunkt special part or is it universal spare part?


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There are many different styles of RCAs used in most car amps and sometimes they can be difficult to find. Yours appear to be a fairly common version but your not likely to find detailed parts like this from your local Rat Shack.
Try MCM, Partsexpress, Pacific coast parts...etc
A google search should yield you several likely vendors of similar styled RCAs. You can even try that auction site. I stocked up on some there myself a few years ago from a Rockford repair center that was liquidating excess inventory...

And unless the RCA itself in badly broken sometimes you can repair these by finding the break and and soldering a simple jumper wire across the open space of the connector. Thus saving tons of time and money and getting the amp to perform properly.
RCAs usually break there ground tabs or there solder joints to the bottom of the board. Repairing the solder joints and or the simple break with a jumper will most commonly take care of the issues you having...hope this helps some...
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