Black Oil


2005-04-13 2:35 pm
Thank you,
I have sourced two locations for a "type" of Linn Black Oil

a)are either of these the same as Linn Black Oil
b)has anyone tried either

Can I purchase 10ml of the real product (Linn) from anyone or anywhere

again Thank You
For turntable bearings I have had the best sucess using BABY OIL .....
It has been around forever, It is light and clear and clean of impurities...It is dirt cheap...It is very clean and pure since it is for babies....
I bet it has had many years of research from J&J to make sure of it's puity....
And you don't need all the hype and marketing BS and $$$ of some trick oil....
I measured the difference with Baby Oil vs. Expensive trick oil...the baby oil had the least amount of bearing drag.....