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Black Gate For Sale

David Bowie

2013-03-30 11:36 pm
Postage charged at cost.
I have a few others, anything specific reqd or for pictures, please message me.
Please note that ALL the BG's advertised were bought new from PcX and I have no reason to think they are not 100% genuine.
Pay Pal.
If delivery is outside EU or US buyer to arrange own delivery and postage costs.
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David is a new member here and as a new member selling stuff I was a bit reluctant on buying from him, especially BGs... He told me he had bought several hundreds years ago at Parts Connexion for a project he had.

I PMed him and asked him to attach pictures of the caps on the site with his alias written down on a piece of paper.

He wrote back to me saying he would just ship the caps to me and that I pay him once I receive them! I agreed to that and few days later received the BG!

Here's some pics for you





Added this new picture with my alias and also the reverse side of the cap

Do they look genuine? I think so!

I will measure the caps tonight and let you know the results.

Now I have to hold my part of the deal and pay him! :eek:

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