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So where to start

Got this nick since I was plaing Comand and conquer
It stuck Easi to remember just one user name for all.

Mates call me Alex since I was 16 a long long time ago

Live in Chester Uk at present
Same times I am more stupid than what I am.
Same people laugh others may help you.
Then same fell silent others may give you a pat in the back.


I have been messing around since I was very young.
I will always remember when I was five years old and taken a wall socket apart.

Grand Dad was a Radio Man he tough me haw to make a torch and the Morse code.

There are things that listening to music does to me that I cannot explain.
For Example

You heard of Paul Pot he was on the Xfactor did not rate him much but hen one morning I heard him on the BBC singing Nessun Dorma
What a buzz almost the same as when I taken the socket apart.

My first record Crocodile rock
My first Job at 13 in a telly repair shop.

Sweet 16

I have been around a lot same time moving to fast no time for thinking
Now that I have done it all I cant stop thinking about the things that I have messed up.

Some time I wonder how the hell I got here.

Same anecdotes

Working with Nuraieph the Swan lake in a basket ball court It is about 7pm on a Sunday just came back to fitting a 500 W spot light on his make up mirror he was quite all right about it as I explained that we where in a basket ball court.

(He was in the referee changing rooms we managed to get same god stuff from the Fenice the carpet was a 1700 Persian worth £150 K that we folded in half.)

So I see my boss:
Hi Mauri here are the lights for the orchestra?
M) What Light?
The lights so they can read the music its classical gig you know?
M) Oh S..T
Well stop moaning and go and get same plus same cable and tape.

How did he manage to do it I don’t know but he did get same on Sunday evening in Italy.

M) Here you go got sixty
O **** not enough
M) Got sixty musician
Right but Director need 4 and First violin need 2 otherwise they get upset.

We manage to get the lot up in about 1 hour 2 mates stripping the cables me connecting and taping up some people in the back had to share a light but first violin was happy.

Prague Philharmonic orchestra made it all back home alive Lucky they will never know

We lost £20 K that night but Mauri was made up we made the big time.
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