Bipole or infinite baffle question regarding back wave

Is the back wave from a cone driver mounted in a bipole or IB manner equal to the frontal wave? For example, if a driver were mounted in a wall separating 2 different rooms, and was completely open on the backside, would a person in the "back" room essentially hear the same thing as a person in the "front" room?

Is the sound heard dependent on frequency?

I'm running wires this week for sound in 2 such rooms under construction, and it occurred to me that the speakers could be in precisely the same spot on the wall to serve both rooms, although they are quite different in size. I was going to deal with this by using the multi room function of our Marantz 8801, but then it struck me that perhaps something more interesting could be done in wall. The wall will finish out at 7.125" deep, so it is not the typical 3.5" stud wall with 1/2' drywall seen in many US homes.

Is this workable? Practical?