Bipolar capacitors...replacing BG NX

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I have previously with great pleasure used Blackgate NX-HiQ bipolar capacitors at a few places in my amplifiers.. but now.. they are no longer available....

What is your take on a good replacement..??
I need something like 33-47 uF in low voltage 6.3 V ....I know i can use film,, but I don't have the space...:confused:

I have tried with cheap multicomp's paralleled with 1uF film...but it's not really the same...
One thing is engineering and specifications.....another is the sound....damping or not damping. mechanics.... plastics..legs.. how the foil is terminated...a lot of things has impact...and capacitors differs tremendously....I know because in my loudspeakers Raidho Acoustics I have tested a lot of different types and brands. We have found that the solid tinfoil-polypropylene type we use is vastly superior to any other type we have tested. It simply much calmer solid and resulted in treble than the other alternatives...and pretty much regardless of cost

Same was the case with the NX-HiQ... it did the and calm at the same time...maybe the tinfoil will be fantastic but making a 22 uF tinfoil is not possible..and would take way way too much space

I guess there's no testing must be the way forward....:)
both your statements are untrue.

For example,
I am looking for a self healing capacitor that can meet the X1 specification to attach across the mains leads in my new gear.

I'll bet you will have a difficult search trying to find a film foil that is better for this duty.

Select the type to suit the usage.
For crossover in speakers we have manufactured a low voltage (100 V) version of the tinfoil capacitor....It's physically smaller and shorter than the 250 V types normally's also better spec'ed.. thinner film=smaller plates=less inductance. The solid foil makes the current capability larger.. which is important for speaker usage.. as it is current that drives them...

for this bipolar capacitor it will be used two places in an is to ensure symmetry in the bias spreading the other i between the legs in a ltp bipolar input stage.
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