Big OB, Again


2005-06-17 6:58 am
Although many doubts about OB arose recently, I still like the sound and have the feeling that it's relative easier to get good sound in room.

So, here it goes again. This project is for a friend of mine. He wants to build a system for a high quality semi-PA / semi-HiFi venue. The dimensions of the room are about 7~8m wide x 25m long with very high ceiling, up to about 15~20 seats.

He wants first class sound quality, so here are the proposals:

Hi: TAD TD-2001 (or 2002), mated with 18sound XT1086
Mid: TAD TM-1201 on OB (1 or 2 per side)
(these 2 TAD drivers are already on hand)

Low: some 15inchers on OB, not decided yet.

And this will be an active 3way system, prelimenary plan on xover points are 200Hz/1.5kHz.

(some even bigger stuff for sub-bass is ready on hand if the OB bass is not enough....)

Followings are the layout possibilities. Well, as you can see, basically the ideas are more or less stolen from Magnetar, AJ, Lynn Olson.... (and sorry if any others I fail to mention)


At first glance, the one on the left seems easier on mid-bass integration. Howerver, in the previous posts, AJ got successful result from the verical bass array which I am not sure if I can replicate that....

Any thoughts?
Any comments are welcome. :)