big Heatsink VS Cooling Fan

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I would use big heatsinks and no fan. Cause the fans are too noisy for my liking. But of course you can use smaller heatsinks and fan.

But remember to use really big heatsinks!!
The heatsinks should have a thermal rating of about: 0,083K/W (if you use one heatsink per channel)
So that the the heatsink will operate at about 25 degrees above ambient.

Water cooling

There has already been much discussion about water cooling an Aleph.

There is the possibility then to locate the radiator and fan outside the building where the noise will not affect your listening, then you only have circulating water which is virtually noiseless if all the air is bled from the system.

This is more efficient than heatsinks, but obviously less portable.

You might be able to buy a surplus/second hand air conditioning heat exchanger and fan already made for external mounting. This would shave a big chunk of cost off of your project.
Go for fan cooling!


How big is your room and do you have children?

Small children + scaldiing hot heatsinks is obviously a big no - no.

My preference (or prejudice) is for fan cooling. The ability to have a fabulous sounding - but domestically acceptable class - a amp is just too tempting for me and I'm putting my effort yogether as we speak.

I'm using a pair of fan cooling assemblies from IMI Marston - rated at 0.12 degC/W, with low noise (12db) fans from Papst. Additionally, I'm using special 3mm thick polymer decouling washers to decouple the cooling assemblies and fans.

The intention is to finish up with monobock units that any of us would be pleased to have in our homes on asthetic grounds alone. (But which just happen to dissapate 500w watts each and sound fantastic).

This route is, perhaps slightly more expensive that the 'industrial heater the size of an air conditioning unit' approach, but is, in my view, worth it.

Go for fan cooling! (Don't forget to post your results).
Dont forget, neither fan cooling or heatsinks help with keeping the room cool. If you are living in an environment that does not require room heating, your probably going to find the increase in room temp uncomfortable unless you have the aircon running :D .... water cooling (where fresh cool water is continually flowing from the inlet and only used once before being removed from the system) solves this problem as most of the excess heat goes with the water.
thanks all
my main problem is hard to desgin the outlook for my Aleph2
for mono 300W have almost 200W to be heat.
to by heatsink is not are problem for me
but the seller haven't and data about the heatsink ..(???C/w)
and if use fan or water cooling i can save more wire.
but i hate the sound noise too and don't want to check the water level evey time before listen music:)D joking)

frist for my plan is to place 4 heatsick(each about 25X30X5cm)
type like below.

| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |

on the 4 side of the Aleph (mono) total use 8 heat sink
is it enough?
but i think is ungly outlooking

and other ideal is using "Peliter" and "magnetic bearing fan"
it can force the mosfet more cooler then heatsick
but need a big power to push them
the costing may higher

??!!! how to Choose??
any good design?
The method of water cooling i suggested above does not have a water level as such because while the amp is operating, it continually draws fresh water from plumbing and disposes of that water after only one cycle. Advantage of this system (Grey has said this before) is lower water flow requirements because the water is cooler so the pump can be made pretty much silent but it will cost more to have the water running all the time :D
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