Big Day Out Update

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just got home from the Melbourne BIG DAY OUT, it was absolutely crazy, better then last year and im still shaking from the bass. Highlights were Drowning Pool, SOAD, Superheist. If you get a chance to go take it, its a once in a lifetime experience, the audio wasnt quite balanced to my liking but you get over it. (this may not be a DIY thread but ah well)
little late for a reply but hell yer, melb big day out rocked!!

as for the bass, sonic animation took the cake i reckon.
theopholus thistler (or however you spell it) make my ears feels compressed like when im in a 120dB+ car

i missed drowning pool in favour of the prodigy. i wish i hadve seen drowning pool instead now. my cousin said it was awesome! i remember seeing some chick get her bikini top yanked off in the SOAD crowd, hehe

amen were awesome too, when kasey jumped off stage, he landed right right next to me, twice!!
i was wrapped

anyway, looking forward to 2003 BDO :)
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Yeah, I saw them opening for Metallica and Korn a while back, and they did not move that much. It was disappointing since the crowd was not into them at all. It was an especially interesting show, because James Hatfield, the lead singer for Metallica was sick, so when Metallica was supposed to come out, the SOAD bass player came out with Metallica and sang some songs from the Master of Puppets album along with the rest of Metallica. Korn also played some Metallica. The best part was that we all got free tickets to see Metallica play again.

i seen korn at festival hall on their life is peachy tour back in the day, i think that would've been '98, because i remember i had my dodgey year 9 hairdo

you missed out griff, was pretty good!

and yer, SOAD didn't move much, jstu kinda stood there. amen were kinda all over the place, and so was prodigy, running all over the stage, prodigy put on a pretty good show, shame they played the stuff i don't like the most (their punkier side)

rammstein also put on an awesome show at 2001 bdo, same as mudvayne, oh dear how great were mudvayne!!!
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