biamp used only to drive low frequencies


2005-08-17 10:51 am
hai friends good morning
i am havingg a jvc bi amp wiht a capacity of 60+60 mains and 60+60 sub driving capacity with 3 ohms min.
iam having a mordaunt short ms10i book shelf speakers which is connected to technics amp. the soundis quite good but iam not touching the bottom end.
the cd player is having two outputs so i connected one to technics and coneected second to jvc amp. i want only lower frequences from jvc by amp. wheteher any problem will arise if i drive only low frequences form jvc with out using the mid and high frequencies.
pleasae suggest
how about adding a passive RC filter in front of the bass amp?
The bass amp and bass speaker will not be damaged by using bass only frequencies.
The mid and treble range speaker will play better if you can cut the very low frequencies from the driving amplifier. Again a passive RC filter at the amp input could be used to achieve this.