Biamp Systems MPA 250 - No Output!!

Need help on MPA 250. I cant get a schematic anywhere. Biamp systems doesn't make it available online. Input signal of 1khz makes it through the first stage opamp and looks perfect. By the time it gets to the output driver stage it is distorted. All internal fuses are good. Power supply voltages look good. Output transistors measure good none shorted or open. Have waveforms if needed. Input at 500mv and output of 100mv. Need schematic.
Available online? Foo. CALL them and ask if they can provide it. Worst that can happen is they say "no". I never assume the online web site offerings are the sum total of their files.

Just as important as the semiconductors are all the resistors in the circuit, not to mention all the connections and traces. An open trace might prevent proper drive from reaching the output, and the poor input stage tries to "correct" that making serious distortion in the process.