Bi amping, 3rd amp or dual mono 2nd amp?


2007-12-19 3:45 am
Right now I have an EV Q66 for sub duty and a RMX 850 for my tops (BFM Otop 12). I also have a DBX DR PA+ and was considering bi ampng my tops and eliminating the passive crossover.

Right now I could just run the RMX 850 in dual mono and have one channel for mids to both cabs and have the other channel for highs. Any downsides to this or should I just get a small cheap amp for the highs and have 3 separate amps for each duty?
If you tri-amp with only the amplifiers you have, you'll end up running mono. Its up to you to decide how important stereo is: for things like speech re-inforcement, mono is fine.

For anything more complicated than that, I'd say stereo is useful: DJs use stereo effects, and being able to pan mics etc makes live sound much easier.




2008-11-08 8:25 pm
Devon UK
I would not think it was worth trying an active setup until you have another stereo amp.
Running both mid range drivers of one channel will reduce the amount of power available.
The other channel running the tops will be not outputting much, so overall a mono active setup would probably result in a reduction in headroom.
Depending on what drivers you have you probably could benefit from getting a bigger amp to run the mid range.
I'd expect you to get away with it for the highs. Just make sure it doesn't clip. Ever.

More power would be nice, though. I've found Samson Servo amplifiers to be rather good. They come up used on eBay all the time, keep an eye out for a good deal. Unless, of course, you already have the Alesis.