BGA Rework Station for upgrade


2014-08-28 11:03 am
Hi guys!

Have been working with Puhui T-870A IR BGA rework station so far but it is the most simple one and now I'm looking forward to upgrading into something a little bit better. Would like to ask some professionals for an advice.
Do not need special rework stations with the price of thousands. Investigating in the level like IR6500 or IR8500 rework stations from China. I mainly work with receivers and do the reflow procedure for DSP ICs (normal SMD or BGA). Would try reballing after buying a new IR rework station though.
That IR8500 description seems to be good for a beginner. Has anyone tried it and got positive impression?
I use the IR6500 and it is excellent as I can control the temperature rise and fall times accurately, not to stress the components whilst re-balling BGA chips and general reworking. It is also great for replacing screens on iPhones and the newer smart phones with glued front screens as the temperature can be controlled down to 50℃. It can be set up remotely using a USB connection from my PC. It comes with a temperature probe for checking the top component temperature and alongside my Sanyo re-work microscope and hot air station works flawlessly. For £550, excellent value and paid for itself within two weeks.

Unfortunately it does not support Apple Mac OS Catalina so I am thinking of selling it and going back to a Panasonic Microwave/IR machine that has OSX support. Loads of money though!
PM me if you are interested.