Beyma X 2 dipole

Hi, this is a preliminary sketch of a dipole speaker system made up of two Beyma 12AG100 drivers., mostly because they are efficient and cheap,
and readly available here
A low power tube amplifier is planned to be constructed together, in order to drive it.
So, it will be part of a closed system
No deep bass here, I'm not interested in, but good efficiency and big piston area.
The drivers wired in series (16 Ohm), I guess 50/60 Hz f3, plus room augmentation help. Medium / big room, 2 to 3 meter listening distance
I'm thinking to rear mounting them, like in the Yvesm AD9710 dipole
As these are bi cone speakers, the lower one will fit a mechanic filtering device in front of the cone,that stand on three unobstrusive metal legs
I was playing on the Basta! simulator , to found some acceptable compromise between,performance , size and aesthetics
My concerns are about the supporting "wings" size and shape; and drivers possition on the baffle
While I'm pretty experienced on box type loudspeakers, and complex passive filtering, I never tempted a dipole before..
Some gross conceptual error here, or I'm pretty on the right way?


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