Beyerdynamic A1 clone, need some help

Hi to all,
I'm kinda new to diy electronics, only made some guitar pedals, so I need your help.

So, I bought this kit:
The Best Byerdynamic A1 Headphone Amplifier DIY Kit 4 Pairs Output Transistor | eBay
and I need some clarifications before I blow something up :D.
First, the pcb has markings for 2200uF capacitors but the ones included in the kit are 3300uF, what will be the difference?
And second, I have a EI transformer form a halogen lamp, rated at 20VA with about 13,5V output, can it be used to power the circuit?
If it can be used, where do I connect the circuit ground, because it only has 2 output wires.

Thanks in advance.
The board has a ground point hasn't it? Connect it to the case. Connect the case to your power cable input so it connects to a grounded wall socket. Or connect this yourself to a copper water pipe or a radiator in the house.. This helped me a lot since most wall sockets in my home country were not grounded..
Thanks for the reply.
After some research and questions, I found out that this transformer is not suitable.
So I need one AC-0V-AC, with AC being form 15V to 18V, and the circuit ground is connected to the 0V wire of the transformer.
This is where the transformer is connected:


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