Better than Madonna?


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2002-10-08 11:31 am
Its a classic stunt of crossover to attract attention. Not a bad rendering vocal wise considering the hybrid in mind. The lyrics have nothing to do with the metal style though. Its a gospel song in essence. The kilt is for the cameras. Heck everything is for the cameras. Its for Idol after all.
I hate comparing remakes to originals. Some times the context of the original is lost. Sometimes the original is horrible and forgotten and the new version stands on its own :D
I am not a huge fan of Madonna, but no one can take away what she did to pop music at the time.
I do seem to enjoy Jay's style of singing and the song came out well...
I tend to like remixes of original songs often keeping original vocals. Even better if the original artist is part of the mixing process.

Here is a cool remix that kind of brings the heavy euro rock guitar that was used in Jay's version, with the softness of B'jork's vocal style.
The Madonna remake made this pop up in my head :D
Remix of "Isobel".
YouTube - Bjork - Isobel (Metal Version with Carcass)

Off topic a little more, there is a ridiculous remake of The Sugar Hill Gang's "rapper's delight" that is a country version. Done by none other than Mike D of the Beastie Boys singing as fake "Country Mike". I think all the Beastie Boys were involved with the album "Country Mike's greatest hits".
I got the album at a used record store and cannot find it anywhere. It's a fluke, I guess. The country version is so awesome, my Mom even likes it! YEEEEE HAW!!!