Best way to connect wire to your driver terminals


2004-11-17 4:46 pm
I use those quick connects from madisound but they are so weak and feeble. The terminals on most drivers are also very flimsy that they can be broken pretty easily. I would imagine that if you pull them too hard, they would come off the driver and there goes your 200 usd.
I guess you could solder your wire directly to the terminals but if you make a mistake, it could damage the drivers.

does anyone have a good way to do this?


2002-11-06 11:32 am
I always solder the units. The trick is to place them on their magnet, so if you spill some solder it will not fall on the cone itself.

Lookout with Scanspeak revelator series woofers, if these terminals are heated to much the insulation of the solder tabs will melt (the tabs are not mounted on a piece of epoxy, but fitted in the basket itself).