Best type of cable for recabling iems


2010-09-06 8:30 pm
I need to do a complete recable of my iems (from earbuds to jack), and I wasn't sure which type of wire I should use. I'd like it to be as thin and lightweight as possible, low impedance, balanced, and good sound quality. I'm very new at this so I really don't know where to begin as far as what type of wire to buy. thanks

priorities for new iem cable:
-Balanced stereo sound
-Thin and lightweight
-Low impedance
-Good sound quality


2003-02-17 7:38 pm
flexibility, light weight are paramount in IEM cable - any cable motion is converted to audible noise and distracting mechanical tugging

the construction is often very peculiar to the application with extremely fine wires spiraled around a high tensile strength, flexible fiber core of polyester or even kevlar

if they are worth enough to recable I would check the manufacturer, otherwise use another cheaper IEM's cable - I usually toss the earbuds sold with DAP – the cheap DAP’s cable may not a “audiophile improvement” but better matched to the task than any but the most dedicated hobbyist is going to manage

the CAT5 suggestion is ludicrous - typical IEM weigh nearly as much as a few inches of CAT5
tone arm wire cardas or there is even some nice NOS 30AWG stranded silver coaxial tone arm wire at hificollective, though that would be too pricey and y0ou may as well buy new IEMs. the cardas is like 2 dollars a foot though and nice and thin, probably even lighter than the stock cable, but quite strong.