Best selected version NE5532 and OPA2132....

Hi, some information.
Which is the best version of opa2132 both in smd and dip8? Someone says that the best and selected version is "A"...opa2132A...but I've searched and it doesn't seem to exist.
Same question for NE5532. Someone tell me that the best version is ne5532AP. It is true?
I need the best smd and dip8 versions of both chips.

Thanks for any help.
I think the "A" designation means it has guaranteed noise specs. Same batch, just tested I believe.
I always choose "A" or AP" versions of op amps for audio use.

And who uses a 5532 for anything but audio? It's optimized for audio, but for precision DC or instrumentation use it's not so great. That being said, I've built buffers with the 5352 that only had a few tenths of a millivolt offset.
I noticed recently that on semi do a version of the 5534, the SA5534. It has a less detailed data sheet than TI and distortion is not mentioned. It is about half the price of the NE5534. Probably not the way to go if you want the best version, other than to mention that the 5534 can still outperform newer chips in specific roles like riaa.
I haven’t tried the on semi version so far.