Best overload performance RIAA opamp pre?


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2002-12-22 2:13 am
Calgary, Alberta
Sorry if this is commonly discussed, but I don't follow this forum very much and searching yielded no answers. What I am looking for is a published design for an opamp based phono stage with excellent (best?) overload characteristics/headroom. I know a shootout was published in AudioXpress a while back but not all of those were published designs, although the Bugle, which is, did score well.
Do you mean overload or do you mean headroom?

If speaking about overload, main issue is recovery from overload. Op-amps are not the optimum for that due to the high open loop gain and their necessarily feedback structure. In that case you can better look for designs without feedback and passive RIAA correction.

In any case passive RIAA the way to go if overload is of main concern.

Cheers ;)