Best DIY Floorstander to Build

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Hi there folks,
Theo from down under in good ol' OZ.
I have decided to build a good DIY floorstander from published designs on the net.
The two I have narrowed it down to are the following:

Troel Gravesons SP38/13 using soley Scanspeak drivers. Looks very impressive.


And the other is Wayne Jaeschkes 2 way Eros MK11.

Link: Project/erosmk2.htm

Both look extremely tempting but I prefer some feedback from anyone who has built any of these kits to give me a better idea of what to expect from them. I was wondering if anyone out there has built or heard any positive reviews of these speakers and which one would be the better of the two to build regardless of cost.


Theo Kalat

I am about to begin building Troels Gravesen´s sp38/13. Been looking around a lot before I decided on the sp38/13.

Only waiting for my ss 3806 before I am getting started. Also getting my 8531g00 coated by Troels.

I think this speaker looks quite interesting. Haven´t heard it yet though. Going to visit Troels soon for a demonstration of his speakers.

Taking x-over down between ss8531 and ss3806 to 1.6kHz looks like a really smart move.

And using a 3/4" tweeter sure seems nice..

I am not sure when the speaker will be ready though.

/ Andreas

I was going to build the SP38/13 but I am going to have to wait after talking with Troels he said that they are power hungry the 50wpc amp that I have is not going to give what they need. I don't know how much power you have. So I will have to wait till I get some more power the amp I want isn't cheap so till I get that I am going to hold off on building anything. His designs are very nice though.


Thanks Dave.

I got AKSA 100 W amplifier so there will be no problem.

But the problem is what to choose: Ekta or SP38 or TJL3W, this is really big problem:confused:

Ekta is a little bit too expensive to me, but I like the speaker who has easy on ear, warm and fluid presentation.

Any comments welcome:spin:
Ekta is a little bit too expensive to me, but I like the speaker who has easy on ear, warm and fluid presentation.

Troels said on his toughts about the speaker that the Scanspeak ring radiator tweeter don't worth the price. You can get similar performance for much less. I would try the Hicquphon OW1 instead, but it may ask for another crossover between mid and high.
I think XT25TG tweeter version of Ekta is best price/performance ratio.

But the 4631 mid driver from SS is very expensive. It is more expensive than 15 mid driver and the famous 8531 midbass driver.

Wondering how TJL3W should sound...:scratch1:

I have heard a lot of good words about Excel W12CY001 driver, but never heard one.

The diy speaker that I have built and that my ears and wife ( who is more impartial than I can ever be ) have been most impressed by is the diy version of the Watt Puppy. I have attached a link to the site.

This diy project tried to analyse why the Watts were one of the best - if not the best - speaker around and tried to include these atributed into a diy project.

The diy designer seems to have concluded, as I have, that making the mid range enclosure as rigid as possible will do alot in terms of 3d imaging, clarity and lack of colouration.

I have recently been using Corian and/or concrete to make the mid range enclosure as rigid as I can.

ply or fibre board seems ok for the bass enclosure where the rigidity does not seem to be so critical to my ears.

I hope this helps

The D3806/8200 price had gone up by 55% this year since Feb. It was retail at US$ 95.00 last year (about the same as D2905/9500 then) and now US$ 146.80 at Madisound.

The SP38/13 and EKTA/ XT25TG from Troels Gravesen are both very competitive in nature, a real hard choice. Anyone willing to share their first hand experience(s) of the two ?

BTW the EKTA / XT25TG is almost a Sonus Faber Cremona Center channel, minus the extra 18W8531G woofer. See link :


Hi folks! I have just finished the SP38/13. I still need to decide which finish they shall have. The socklet is also not done. But I wanted to HEAR them as you can imagine! And do they sound! To my ears simply amazing. Plenty of bass, and very detailed. My old speakers are a pair of DALI 400. Also not bad, but easily overtaken by the SP's. They are driven by an Onkyo A870 (80W), and absolutely no ploblem with soundpressure! The CD is new : a NAD 542.
I have used the little higher resistor-values as Troels suggests. I can only recommend this setup!

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