Best decoupling Capacitor?

Best Decoupling Capacitor?

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2008-07-20 4:16 pm
Decoupling what though. Some things need more attention, some things less.

At any rate a 10-100uF el. cap + a 0.1uF polyester/polyprop is appropriate. For some opamps a low-value NP0 ceramic directly at the pins is needed, but the datasheets tell you what's necessary anyway.
Multilayer ceramic (aka monolithic) are often used in digital circuits due to tiny size and excellent high frequency characteristics.

Audio seems to favour 100nF MKTs, sometimes coupled with larger electrolytics as space allows.

'Metal film' and 'polyester' are two different aspects of a capacitor construction (conductor and dielectric) rather than capacitor kinds in their own right. MKT type capacitors are made from metalis(z)ed (aka metal film) polyester.