Best Books, Application Notes and Threads concerning the Design of SMPS

Some time ago I start this thread:
In the same kind I want to have an overview about books, application notes, threads and suppliers for evaluation stuff in this matter.

The most interesting details to design and construct a diy SMPS for audio amplifiers and other audio applications is the material for the transformer core, the kind of winding and copper wire, the MOSFET's for driving, the rectifiers and the oscillator frequency - so I think.

Until know I have found this:
1) Books:
2) Transformers drive trafo.pdf
ETD29/16/10-3C90 - FERROXCUBE - Transformer Cores, ETD, ETD29, 3C90, 72 mm, 76 mm² | Farnell element14
What is SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) - Types of SMPS - EngineersGarage
3) Fundamentals
Which ferrite for which frequency in SMPS?
4) Semiconductors
5) diyaudio threads: (>post #844)

Thank you for posting of additional advices.
And another question: Where are guys like Nelson Pass concerning SMPS developing ?
I have heard, some of them working at Linn ltd. in Scotland
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