Behringer DEQ2496 modification


2009-02-24 7:12 pm

I know there has been a lot of modding being done to the DEQ2496, I just want to change the analog output to a passive one and improve the digitall in and outputs, I would like to use the ribbon cable, split the necessary ones, make a connector and reroute the above lines to a seperate little board with the new in and out parts leading to small frame with new RCA chassis, does anyone have a schematic of the pins on the ribboncable in the DEQ2496, it is a lot of hassle finding out by looking/measuring, would be nice if anyone can help,


Paid Member
2004-10-07 6:05 am
I don't think the digital I/O needs help on the DEQ - the DCX, yeah.
Just tap off the ribbon cable on the DEQ and use your own output stage. It's easy. You can leave the second set of DACs untouched, they run the 1/4" outputs. That's what I've done with my and I'm very pleased with it.

Modding the analog input is worthwhile, if you use it.