Beginner DIY project


2001-06-01 4:53 pm
I've been browsing the headwize site as well as this one and thought I should pass on a tip for any of you would-be builders who are daunted at the prospect of their first DIY project. Headwize ( is a headphone discussion site that has a strong DIY forum and library of projects. Among these is a beginner's headphone amplifier (the "Cmoy" amp, named after its designer who also administers the headwize site). Dozens, probably hundreds, have built this amp, many as their first project. It can be battery or wall-wart powered, so it is a very safe project to begin with.
One of the first-time builders has put together two guides: one for acquiring tools, etc. you'll need to build stuff; and another as a step-by-step guide. These articles, combined with the original project article and assistance from the headwize group, will make it easy to build something for the first time. After that, well...
Of course, you'll need some headphones.

The project article (check for the many addendums for variations):

The step-by-step instructions:

The guide to getting started (tools, etc.)